The Moon - Intuition & Creativity Tarot Inspired Perfume

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By Spirit Element

Tarot is like a roadmap to deep spiritual exploration. It can take you on countless adventures, through dark and mystery emotional caves, and bring you to the light and heart of your true soul. When used correctly, tarot can open you up to a world of spiritual growth, success, and expansion and who doesn’t want all of that?

The Moon is as complicated as it is powerful. It represents the constant dance between like and shadow and reminds us that we all have cycles to work through. The encourages one to dive deep into one’s imagination but also into one’s subconscious waters where are deepest desires and darkest secrets are hidden. The Moon will push you past your comfort zone, but you will find that the most beautiful light and creative energy waits just on the other side. 

It features a beautiful blend of soft woods and cool florals that is reminiscing of walking past night blooming flowers in a light breeze under a full moon. Wear The Moon intuition & creativity perfume to welcome sparks of inspiration, during divination, when engaging in artistic expression, as support during shadow work, and for things involving passion, lust, and pleasure. 

The Moon in tarot
The Moon is a card full of mystery, sensuality, and beauty. It represents the realms of imagination, shadow, and possibility. When the Moon comes into a reading, know that you have an open doorway to explore creative expression. It is often said that the Moon card comes to you when you are on the cusp of a breakthrough that leads to the elf-awareness and purpose or the Sun and Judgement cards. 

Ingredient Vibrations

Amyris - This soft, floral like wood scent is associated with the night, the moon, and the spiritual realms. It provides an opening between the conscious and unconscious mind, allowing the power, creativity, and knowledge of the spiritual realm to manifest in the physical world. It attunes one to natural rhythms, especially moon magic, and helps one to work through the many ups and downs of life with clear thought and positive energy. Finally, it amplifies creative energy by providing divine inspiration and a sense of purpose. 

Jasmine - One of the most important oils in moon work is jasmine. It is associated with all things night energy like creativity, passion, love, and divination. Its and excellent oil for shadow work as it helps to release self-sabotaging emotions that prevent transformation and expansion. Finally, it enhances intuition and helps one to find peace and well-being. 

Moon Charged - Each batch is poured into mother bottles full of raw moonstone then charged twice under the moon. Once under the darkness of the new moon and then once again under the illumination of the full moon.

How to Use: For the most long lasting scent, apply to delicate, sensual areas of the body such as the wrists, behind knees, the collarbone, breasts and behind the ears. 

For extra fun, collect all of the Tarot inspired perfumes and use them as daily tarot cards. Just toss them into a bag and pull out a roller at random. Be sure to look up the meaning of your daily perfume either here, or in your favorite tarot book. 

10 mL glass bottle.

Contains a blend of 100% essential oils, plant essences/extracts, and natural fragrances blended with a base of fractionated coconut, grape seed, and vitamin E oils. Alcohol-Free