The Empress - Beauty & Abundance Tarot Inspired Perfume

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By Spirit Element

Tarot is like a roadmap to deep spiritual exploration. It can take you on countless adventures, through dark and mystery emotional caves, and bring you to the light and heart of your true soul. When used correctly, tarot can open you up to a world of spiritual growth, success, and expansion and who doesn’t want all of that?

The Empress is a beautiful sign of creative energy and divine inspiration! It brings to mind a drop-dead gorgeous woman in a field surrounded by the loving creatures of the forest. 

The Empress perfume features an earthy, yet the feminine blend of wood and floral notes that smell like walking through a meadow of flowers surrounded by pine. Wear The Empress beauty & abundance perfume to find confidence, love, harmony, and to reconnect to divine feminine energy. 

The Empress in tarot
The Empress is a card of pure abundance, beauty, and creativity. It has a nurturing quality and when it comes to a reading, it is a sign that you are ready to give birth to something new. You have magic and creative energy flowing through you that is looking to be released and shared with the world. Additionally, The Empress reminds you to take care of your mind, body, and soul. Never forget to pamper and love yourself. 

Ingredient Vibrations

Pine - Pine is associated with abundance, fertility, peace, and longevity. It works on a soul-deep level to clear out negative energy and to provide clarity and renewal. It is a balancing oil that is richly connected to all of the elements and it helps to inspire friendship, creativity, and to awaken inner desires. 

Floral & Crystal Charged - Each batch is poured into mother bottles full of raw rose quartz then charged among a bed of fresh roses, peonies, baby’s breath, and chamomile. 

How to Use: For the most long-lasting scent, apply to delicate, sensual areas of the body such as the wrists, behind knees, the collarbone, breasts and behind the ears. 

For extra fun, collect all of the Tarot inspired perfumes and use them as daily tarot cards. Just toss them into a bag and pull out a roller at random. Be sure to look up the meaning of your daily perfume either here, or in your favorite tarot book. 

10 mL glass bottle.

Contains a blend of 100% essential oils, plant essences/extracts, and natural fragrances blended with a base of fractionated coconut, grape seed, and vitamin E oils. Alcohol-Free.