Rose Quartz Crystal Elixir - Gemstone Infused Body Oil

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By Spirit Element

Rose Quartz crystal elixir is crafted using the ultimate love and serenity stone. Rose quartz is a staple gemstone that invokes peace, beauty, happiness and of course love. No crystal collection would be complete without a little rose quartz. It’s my favorite crystal to grab when I’m under stress or need a little bit of emotional comfort. 

Rose Quartz is a soothing blend of floral botanical oils chosen for their energetic connection to peace, happiness, strength, and gaining control in life. 

Ingredient Vibrations

Rose Quartz - The ultimate crystal of love and nurturing. It inspires a love of all kinds: paternal love, romantic love, friendship and service to others. It creates trust and harmony in relationships and legend says, the universe will forever be in your debt when you gift a rose quartz crystal to another.

Egyptian Rose Geranium - a rosy, somewhat minty scent that is essential for spiritual work involving peace and security. It is associated with love, beauty, healing from (especially healing from sexual trauma) and overcoming sorrow. 

Rose - There are few things rose oil can’t do. It’s often associated with love but is a terrific choice for finding strength and peace through trying situations. It can be used to call blessings into your life as well as releasing emotional stress. 

How to Use: use a body moisturizer or add a few pumps to a warm bath for a luscious, skin softening treatment. Candle also be added to candles, lotions, and hair products as an aromatherapy treatment. Use before and after meditation and rituals harmony. This oil is most potent during + after trauma but can be used anytime to clear feelings of sadness or despair. 

2 oz | 60 mL glass bottle.

Full ingredient list: oils of coconut, sunflower, and grape seed; essential oil blend (rosewood, rose, Egyptian rose geranium), rose quartz chips.