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By Ritual Provisions

Each candle contains a natural, tumbled piece of rose quartz and is poured during the full moon.

Vessel: Matte White Glass Container with purple foil stamp and seal (Comes with Linen Spell Bag)

Fragrance: Eros Blend | Exotic notes of Dragon’s Blood, Patchouli, Rose & Spice.

Burn Time: 50 Hrs

Approx Weight: 1 lb

Approx Size: 3x3.25

Moon Batch Soy Candles are poured utilizing the various phases of the moon. Ritual Provisions candles feature unique, charged quartz/minerals, point/s and/or cluster/s to amplify energy and ensure that they become an effective tool for meditation, altar work or simply filling your space with energy to manifest your goals. Light on fragrance and heavy on manifestation, each candle is blessed to bring positive intention and powerful energy to your home or sacred space.


Most of Ritual Provisions candles feature quartz crystals. These stones are known for their healing properties and high energy vibrations. Quartz can be charged and programmed. It can also then be used to focus thoughts towards manifesting personal desires. Quartz and Candles are tools that are often used for Altar Work, Affirmations, and Meditation. MOON BATCH CANDLES are ideal because the crystals are in the candle. As the candle burns focus on what you wish to manifest. When the candle has burned down, use the crystal/crystals as a talisman, in further magical workings, or keep them on your altar to benefit from the energy and positive vibration you've drawn into it! Is this mumbo jumbo? Absolutely not. There is science behind it.


Full moons are powerful things. Energy is everywhere at all times, but during a full moon the energy becomes stronger, more palpable. It resonates within us whether we are tuned to it or not. We experience stronger emotions and are more likely to experience behavioral swings during this time. Our ancestors timed everything in accordance with the phases of the moon, from harvesting crops to times of worship. 

This is why every month’s full moon has a name and a special significance connected to the forces of nature and the seasons. The time of the full moon is a powerful healing opportunity, a time for meditating, recharging your energy field, and clearing your chakras and why so many cultures have rituals and ceremonies that take place during full moons.

Energy healing during this time can be extremely effective, lighting up the corners of your subconscious and giving you access to insights about your emotions, your inner self, and your path in life. It's perfect for proactively manifesting your needs, whether those needs are for good health, spiritual growth, or simply material desires. MOON BATCH CANDLES are created with these things in mind and pouring them during the time of the full moon takes advantage of its incredible energy and ensures that the illumination they provide is not only physical, but spiritual as well.